Thursday, January 5, 2012

Back in the blogsphere!

Im back, I wish I could say I have been somewhere good, but its not essentially true! For the last few weeks I have mostly been away from the blogsphere, due to some changes at home and in my situation I found I had less access to my laptop and to honest just wasnt 'feeling it', struggling to find inspiration to write.  So rather than force it and do it half-heartedly, I let it go for a while.  I didnt want the pressure of 'having to' and then the worry of dropping stats if I didnt, it just wasnt worth it.  I didnt even read any blogs, except a couple that pop up in my FB feed or on email.

But I think the break was good, and now I feel Im back in the blogsphere and more interested again, in reading blogs and writing my own, although for the moment I wont have too much time to do it, so probably will post less at least for the time being.  But it's good to be back and see what is going on in the blogsphere!


  1. Glad the break has helped, it's good to take time out!

    Welcome back!

  2. Like Livi said, it's good to take time out sometimes! Welcome back! Emma :)