Thursday, March 15, 2012

TV in portuguese

This week I have decided to join the Expat blog hop hosted on Windmill Fields, this week's topic is TV in your expat country.

Unlike most of my expat buddies here in Portugal, we have portuguese Tv, whereas the others have sky.  Now I would have liked Sky but as my hubby is portuguese, it seemed silly to have uk tv in portugal.  I mean if we're going to do, let's do it properly.

Despite several visits to Portugal before we moved I had never really watched portuguese Tv.  At first I found it a bit strange, but once you get used it, it is pretty similar to UK tv but a little behind somehow.  They have about four main national channels, which have expanded into the supplementary channels of repeats, news and sports.  They have their gameshows, many the sindicates of what we have and some of which are long finished, such as the 'Price is Right'.  They have many a soap or novellas as they call them, which are more, 'The bold and the Beautiful' than Eastenders!!  But unlike our soaps, these are a set number of episodes, so more like a series but a Very long series going for a minimum of 100 episodes.  And as soon as one finishes another is ready to start.  They have shows from around the world, many American and British, so I can also watch some of my normal shows.

But mostly, sadly, I watch my english speaking channels, of Sony, AXN and Fox.  My comedy and crime dramas that Im used to.  But they are always subtitled, which has helped me with the language, especially as my language skills are much stronger in reading and writing than listening and speaking.  I do try to watch some more portuguese tv, but can only watch in small doses due to my lack of language skills which then leads to boredom.  And the news is just way too depressing!!

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  1. Thanks for linking! It is true that the subtitles also help with the language learning