Saturday, March 24, 2012

Three week pyjama party

When I was in hospital for a few days in the beginning of the month, my daughters slept in my bed, so when I came home and needed to recuperate, it was easier to bring our daughter or at least her mattress into our room! And so for the last 3 weeks she has stayed in our room, all 4 of us sleeping together in one room!! We have a three bedroom house and we all sleep in one room!

So today was the day to return to 'normal', we gave her room a good tidy as it had been used as a 'play room' for the last 3 weeks and was sooooo messy. And tonight the pyjama party ends and life returns to something that resembles 'normal' in my home, but the thing is, it makes me a little sad!  I have liked having both my children so close and being together more!

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