Friday, February 11, 2011

Child rearing

When I had my first daughter, 5 years ago, I was quite a nervous mother, as most are. For the first 2 weeks she would not sleep at night and cried alot. It was very hard, although I had a fair amount of support and advice. But reading books and websites, I realise now that some of the 'advice' was terrorizing, I would read stories about children with 'sleep problems' and 'food issues' and so everytime my daughter would have a couple of bad nights or wouldnt eat much (for instance), it would have me panicking that she was developing some awful habit that would take months to turn around. I was so worried all the time if I was doing the right thing. And this is not abnormal for a first time mum, but my second child was much easier because I was calmer and realised not to panic at the first 'routine change' and they are both perfectly fine, sleep well, eat well etc. But some of that information can be detrimental, I think there must be another way to share information to new mums (without the horror stories).
Take a relaxing family holiday! not a stressful one.

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