Thursday, April 29, 2010

No move!

So due to some problems, we are not moving yet. We lost the house we were going to but luckily can stay where we are, so no moving yet and more time waiting for life to start. But at least that gives us some more time to enjoy the algarve pre-summer before it gets too hot. It also gives me more time to enjoy the 'uniqueness' that is the algarve.

Yesterday we went into our pool for the first time this year, sorry, Sophie went into the pool by herself, it was too cold for me and I never imagined she would go in. Last year she loved to go to the pool but then would tell to go in and she wouldnt, what a change of events, I dont believe it will last.


  1. you should post pictures, i absolutely love portugal, and i haven't made it to southern Portugal yet :)

  2. Will do very soon. There are some lovely places down here. The countryside is beautiful and like a trip back in time, in some places.