Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why we come here


So if anyone out there is reading this and thinking about coming out here and if it is the right things to do. These are the reasons we come, firstly climate, closely followed by a better lifestyle and friendlier people, and the last major reason less crime. Now going back to better lifestyle, do not expect to come here and make money, it rarely happens, wages are very low and things are not that much cheaper than england, in fact some things are more expensive, such as electricity, but you can live with that for the other factors. Work is not too easy to find and unless you speak good portuguese, you may have to take a much lesser role that you had in england. I have to say, i find it very frustrating that people think they can arrive here and because there is a big english community, they dont need to speak the language and a job will be relatively easy to find. Maybe in the past that may have been the case but not in these days.

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