Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Never enough time


Why is there never enough time in the day. HAving two children makes time disappear, I just dont know where my day goes, especially the days when my daughter goes to pre-school or jardim de infancia as they call it here, by the time I get home, have breakfast, give my baby daughter some breakfast, have a bath and do some tidying, it is noon. I can never really beleive it but it happens like that almost everyday. Then the day just continues to fly by, until its time to pick up my daughter again at 4.30 and then we are pretty much into the evening routine of dinner, bath, story, bed. I choose to put my children to bed separately as my youngest, only being 7 months old gets tired much earlier than my 4 year old and I find it easier but it means I have 2 bedtime routines to do but it also gives me time to have dinner without a tired baby and with my husband and daughter. Giving my older some quality time, as there never seems to be time for her. I can say, probably like most mums I do find it very hard to have enough time for both children and the vast majority of my time goes to my youngest, which I do feel guilty about, parenting is full of guilt!! I am not working at the moment but have my hands full looking after the house, the children, my husband etc and always seem to be chasing myself. Its very frustrating, and as hard as I can try I can not keep up. Unfortuantely for me, I am not the most organised person which really doesnt help my cause, but I have days where I ust feel like I did nothing. But of course, the most important thing is to look after the kids and everything else falls in behind, far, far behind in my case! I think my ironing is going to take a life of its own and grow legs it is getting so tall. Now some days I can let this frustration pass, other days not so much. If Im feeling really determined, sometimes I make a list, but after 3 days of trying to achieve even half of it, it goes in the bin and Im left feeling even more frustrated as I can clearly see where I have failed. But life goes on, one day it will all get done and until then I try not to worry too much, life is full of much more worrying things than ironing! Xau

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