Saturday, December 8, 2012

Adeusinho Portugal

So after much umming and urring, changing of minds and a lot of effort, we are leaving Portugal.

For those of you who regularly read my blog you will know that we have been through difficult times whilst living here, mostly brought on my the Global Financial Crisis.  We have been here 4 and a half years and tried to make it work, probably we didnt always make the best decisions which led us to the wrong place but that's life right!  You cannot see what is ahead so you make decisions with the information you have at the time, things havent turned out the way expected and led us down some hard roads.

So now we have the opportunity thanks to some very supportive people to make the move and a fresh start. Although sad to be leaving and disappointed at how things have turned out.  In truth it has taken me a while to get my head around leaving and the hope that we could find a way to stay, but now I see there is no way forward for us.  The situation in portugal is grave and will take several more years to improve.

So now instead of looking back, I can move on firmly looking forward, something I feel essential to creating a new and better life for ourselves.  It is a fresh start in a new part of the country with new opportunities to seize.  I know things wont be easy, but they cannot be as difficult as they have been!

This move has been on our minds for several months, while waiting for opportunities to come and most importantly a passport, without which we could not go anywhere, something so simple can be the key to a big decision.

So with a tinge of sadness but a heart full of hope, we say goodbye next weekend.


  1. I too am an expat mum here in Portugal. Times are difficult. If a new opportunity arrives for you all, then embrace and enjoy it.
    I wish you all the best for your new 2013.

  2. This post, and I am sorry for being critical, is a living proof of a typical westerner who has no clue what is going on and who hopes to get it better elsewhere. In the first place, it is NOT going to be better elsewhere. Second of all, the grim situation in Portugal is a signal to buy cheap tangible assets and organize your life the way you want. Thirdly, the situation neither in Portugal nor anywhere else is going to improve until the majority of sheeple clearly understands how paper money work. Until then we are all destined to live in sh$t. Forth. One can make predictions and will benefit from dire situations, but before one needs pull bananas out of one's ears and take the blinders of off one's eyes.
    This is what you should have known before you came to Portugal., excuse poor translation and pay attention to details.
    The rest is here in numerical order.
    A bit of an explanation. The lecture recorded in 2004 when no one, out of general public, thought of coming depression. When he says “our country”, you can now substitute by any country in the world at your will, be it France or England, or USA. All are in deep sh$t, and the general explains why.

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