Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lessons we learn

Throughout life we learn many lessons, probably many more than we realise.   Some are learned through experience, some through teaching but also we learn through others.  In that I mean, we see how others respond or react to a situation and we learn from that.

During this past year I have learnt a lot of lessons, mostly the hard and painful way.  Unfortuantely many of them things which came at me, which I was unable, despite my best efforts to avoid.  But more recently, through my experiences with other people and their responses, I have learnt things I will never do.  And have learnt how people can let you down, and this has taught me the behaviours I will never replicate.  So on the upside I have learnt something, which I believe / am sure will stay with me through life, on the down side it has left me hurt and disappointed.

But hey ho, there are always others to help and rely on in different ways and life goes on.  We live and learn, unfortunately sometimes the hard way!  But this recent experience has given me a firm lesson for life.  One which I had some experience with before, but now, realise what it truly means.

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