Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cannot find the words

I want to write but cannot find the words.  In the last few weeks, my blog has been a kind of diary for me.  Im not a very open person and do not like to really share my feelings or show myself, but it has been helpful lately.  but now I cannot find the words, my head is foggy and confused, I feel lost, spinning.  My reality of what is possible is mixed with my wants that are out of my reach.  I believe in the almost impossible, always have, maybe that makes me a dreamer, living in the clouds, maybe it just makes me stupid.  I feel I had found a path and now have lost it again, fearing the future, feeling that I know it already.  I feel bound, muted, unable to fight.  maybe there is a greater cause in this, but right now I dont see it, but then you are not supposed to.


  1. Hang in there... life is full of ups and downs but things usually come good eventually. Thinking of you... HUGS... kiwi :)

  2. Hey, how are you doing now? Sometimes we need to take a break, step away - perhaps your body is telling you that?