Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas fail

Goodness me, this week has flown.  And been so busy I havent had time to blog!  And now we are 9 days from the big day and I have done so little.  Every year I have all these plans and this year, after a christmas to forget last year, I had even more plans of things to make, presents etc, but now I find myself with nine days to go, and have done none of it, big christmas fail!!  Only yesterday I sent off my christmas cards and the silly thing was I was thinking about doing them at the beginning of December but thought it was too early, must learn it is never too early when talking about Christmas.  Also when Christmas falls on a sunday or monday I think you lose a couple of days, especially with posting things.  So now I have about a week left and all my shopping to do, work  to finish and all the other prep but as we are spending Christmas with my husband's family I dont have too much food prep to do.  Oh well, better get cracking, not all is lost yet, its going to be a busy week!

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