Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Holiday rentals

So how was everyone's summer? Mine was ok, got some beach time with family, got some sun, didnt really relax cos life with young children is never relaxing but at least we had a bit of a change of scenery. So now I want to ask how everyone's holiday rentals went, did you find it quiet, busy or as expected? Are you still having bookings, cos my view was as September came everyone disappeared, august was super busy but then everyone seems to disappear overnight. There are a few people around but otherwise it looks like the algarve is going to sleep for the winter. But times are tough, umemployment never stops rising month on month, algarve being one of the hardest hit places as many workers are seasonal. Now the budget is just about to be announced, looking like more austerity measures are coming, times are going to get tougher. But in these tough times, who suffers most, everyone suffers, of course but to my mind those who suffer most are those on low incomes and already struggling cos they cannot afford to lose anymore. Those on higher, more comfy incomes will feel a squeeze but nothing like what the others feel.

Stay well, be wise and strong


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