Tuesday, August 3, 2010


So after two years of living here in portugal, I have come to the conclusion that there are three ways that the majority of ex-pats survive here. Either you speak portuguese and work for a portuguese company, you start your own company which makes enough to live on or you make ends meet by doing things here and there. Or for some you are lucky enough to find work for an english speaking company. It is not so easy to come here and start a new life as some may think, things are not easier here, especially in these troubled times of recession, there is much less support from the government, especially for families.

Now some come here and are happy to do this and that and get by. My situation is a bit different, my husband is portuguese and came here after being offered a management job which paid more than his job in England and my plan was to learn portuguese and start working, but not immediately as his job could support us and we had our young daughter to look after. Now things have not worked out according to plan and we are not on the path we expected or ever imagined but one thing remains, I can not be happy just to do anything and get by. My kids are still young but I am at the point where I need more than to be a mother, I want to work again but not just anything, something that challenges me and makes me think.


  1. I think that's a universal feeling. Once you get past your 20's, we all just want to find something that has some sort of meaning in our bigger lives. If only I knew what that was.... Good luck on your quest!

  2. Hi Christine,

    So many people come to Portugal and just get by "scratching" a living, so they can live in the sun.

    You are right when you say

    "I need more than to be a mother, I want to work again but not just anything, something that challenges me and makes me think"

    I have seen so many intelligent women give up careers to escape the rat race and then regret it later. Once the honeymoon period of life in the sun comes to an end, and they need more than just exisiting - what then? Where is the mental stimulation, the challenge?

    I was looking at open university courses, have you considered this option?

    All the best

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